Photo Montage

A photo montage is the perfect way to share memories with all your friends and family.  You can include many photos of guests present at your wedding in addition to paying homage to those close family and friends who are no longer with you.

If you are considering a photo montage, let Something 2 Dance 2 produce and show your montage. We take great pride in working with you closely on developing the montage to create your vision of your montage. You can make it sentimental or very funny or somewhere in between.

Your ONLY responsibility is to gather the pictures. We take care of the rest. We will create your montage and set up and tear down all the equipment for showing the montage at your wedding.

View Our Sample Photo Montage

Created by Something 2 Dance 2 for Christen & John


The first step is to choose pictures. The base photo montage package includes 50 pictures. Following is a suggested breakdown for the 50 pictures:
  • 10 Pictures of the Bride as a baby, early family, grammar school and High School
  • 10 Pictures of the Groom as a baby, early family, grammar school and High School
  • 20 Pictures of Bride and Groom in college, friends, work colleagues, more recent
  • 10 Pictures of Bride and Groom alone with the last picture being your favorite picture
It is effective to mix in pictures of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc.. Also, funny pictures go over very well. Always choose high quality, more close up, bright photos whenever possible. There is a slight loss in quality in the scanning procedure so if the picture is bad to start with (out of focus or people too far away) it won’t look good in the video.


We recommend 2-4 songs for the montage. You can have a song for each of the four sections or just two songs for the first three and one for the Bride and Groom alone.


You are welcome to add captions on pictures to enhance the experience for your guests. Have fun and be creative to help tell your story.

Cover Design

In addition to putting together a custom photo montage, we’ll design a cover to complete this memorable DVD.