June 2nd is #NationalDonutDay! Donuts are a very trendy dessert at weddings and they allow for so much creativity! Here are some ideas to drool over.

Donut Walls are a hot and delicious new trend!

Wedding cake made of donuts…why not! Choose your favorite glazed, chocolate, or even red velvet donuts for a unique option.

Let your guests remember your fun dessert theme by giving them donut wedding favors.


Treat your guests to a coffee and donut bar, or a hot cup with a donut-stirring treat on top! Hot chocolate & Donuts…yes please!

Some of my favorite Donut Shops in Chicago include: Stan’s Donuts Glazed and Infused Firecakes Donuts. Give them a call so they can make your wedding donut dreams come true!

Happy Donut Day!